What are we looking to do here? Are we asking for a certain percentage per year?

Nancy Z

Many of us spend more time working on lessons and grading papers at home because 43 minutes at work is impossible to get all of this done. Therefore, more $ to acknowledge the work we are putting in outside of the building.


Special education teachers should have a different salary schedule altogether. We spend a great deal or time on paperwork, meetings, researching and prepping for differentiation, etc. in addition to all the “regular” work a teacher does such as lesson planning and grading. There should be compensation in some form- if not monetary.


When we lost our 2nd daily prep that added to the burden. Most of the C-6 work should be paid per session. Data, inquiry, curriculum teams, etc.

Lunch duty, hall duty and the like, is not the best use of my training.


In our 403B, the fixed rate for teachers is 1 full percentage point below ALL OTHER NYC EMPLOYEES-BLOOMY DID THIS IN THE LAST CONTRACT HE GOT PASSED. DeBLASIO needs to undo this travesty. Perhaps we should be 1 full per enrage point above the rest of the city.

Nancy Z

Salary goes down after paying for CTLE credits. Repurpose Mondays and Tuesdays to provide CTLE paid for by DOE (DOE can fight State to get he $).

Kerry S.

Teachers who run PD on Monday afternoons should get 3 hours of per session. 1.5 to prep for it and 1.5 to cover for the PD they are NOT receiving by running one for administration.


This one is easy. Wait for the police to negotiate the contract and follow their pattern. The city knows dc37 and uft are spineless so will try to give them a crap deal for everyone to take. The city has 6+ billion surplus, but somehow Mulgrew will say the cupboard is bare. Help us all by staying out of it.

Mary Ellen Probanski

Regarding paraprofessionals:

(1) There is a very real issue with paraprofessionals receiving the same percentage salary increase as teachers due to the low income of paraprofessionals. The starting salary for new paras right now is $24,688 and the top salary is less than $40,000 unless they have at least 15 years of service. So paraprofessionals should be provided with a higher percentage raise. Many times, due to tax deductions, the raises are negligible or nonexistent. You cannot compare the same percentage of a teacher’s salary to that of a paraprofessional.
(2) Paraprofessionals should not have to pay out-of-pocket for mandatory CTLE. We already do not make a living wage. The fact that the union makes money by offering these courses adds insult to injury and should not be permitted.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we shouldn’t have to wait YEARS to get retro money. The last contract was and still is atrocious in that regard.

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