CURRENTLY: Funding for a school is based on student enrollment as of October 31st of that school year. In addition, other factors include Title I, II and III as based off free lunch forms.

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Section C.

C. School Allocations
Before the end of June and by the opening of school in September, to involve
faculties and foster openness about the use of resources, the principal shall meet with the
chapter leader and UFT chapter committee to discuss, explain and seek input on the use
of the school allocations. As soon as they are available, copies of the school allocations
will be provided to the chapter leader and UFT chapter committee.
Any budgetary modifications regarding the use of the school allocations shall be
discussed by the principal and chapter committee.
The Board shall utilize its best efforts to develop the capacity to include, in school
allocations provided pursuant to this Article 8C, the specific extracurricular activities
budgeted by each school.
The Board (“Department”) shall provide to the Chapter Committee and Chapter
Leader in school the School Leadership Team (SLT) view of the Galaxy Table of
Organization. This shall be supplied before the end of June each school year and again
by the opening of school in September of each school year.
In addition, should there be any budget modification regarding the use of school
allocations, these shall be discussed by the Principal and Chapter committee. In order to
facilitate such discussion, the modifications shall be provided to the Chapter Committee.


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