Absent Teacher Reserve – ATRs


ARTICLE 17- Page 128 of Contract regarding excessing, with more specific to ATR on page 132.

As it stands now, an administrator who wants someone out of the building, even for personal reasons, can charge a tenured employee with 3020-a charges. The current contract states that:

“The DOE, at its sole discretion, may choose to assign ATRs to a temporary provisional
assignment who have been penalized (as a result of a finding of guilt or by stipulation) in
conjunction with §3020-a charges with a suspension of thirty (30) days or more or a fine
of $2,000 or more.”

This clause allows a tenured and non terminated member to be placed into the ATR pool.



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Robert Rettino

The 3020-a process was created to allow for the continuation of DOE corruption. When a teacher exposes corruption, the ones who are in charge of investigating and correcting the corruption are the SAME people who are financially vested in allowing the corruption to continue. The continuation of the corruption is their bread and butter, their job security and what keeps them out of JAIL for theft of services. Of course they are abusing the 3020-a process to silence whistle blowers and sabotage their careers. All of the people in charge of the DOE have their hands in the cookie jar and will lie and cheat to continue their “right to steal”. They already have their lifestyle based on the corruption pay offs continuing. Who was the fool who put the fat kid in charge of guarding the cookie jar!!! The entire DOE needs an overhaul and replacement. The corruption is just too inherent in the present system. The thieves are running the bank.

Aixa Rodriguez

The ATR pool was a back door to ageism, to union busting and creating a churn in staffing that leads to further destabilization of schools, making them ripe for colocations, charter invasions and ultimately, privatization of our public school system.
If ANY one could be an ATR why are so many whistleblowers in it? Why are so many people who have won settlements in it? If it is not discriminatory and salary levels are not at issue why are the majority 40 year old and up with over 10 years of experience and at the highest salary level. The fair student funding formula traps principals into hiring the cheapest and least experienced teachers. There is a reason for this.

Vijayarani Menon

The whole ATR system discriminates against teachers who work in high needs schools(that got closed and they were excessed) and teachers who speak out against injustice against themselves and others. Most of the teachers in the ATR pool are veteran teachers with higher than average pay. We are the ones working many years in high need schools. We have been paying union dues the longest but are discriminated the most because of our pay scale.

Vijayarani Menon

The ATR system should be dismantled. Teachers should be placed by the superintendent in a position that matches their license in the district that they live in.


There are many issues to dismantle, however if it were not to be dismantled the issues with field supervisors, assignment away from schools that want to keep you and observations med to be fixed.

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